Monday, March 3, 2008

Health Kick

I have been on a health kick lately when it comes to cooking. Granted, I have always tried to cook a good nutricious meal but sometimes I admit to cooking up some serious artery clogging but oh-so-yummy dishes. Creativity in the kitchen can be a bitch. I am always one for ramping up a recipe and making it better. Skim milk? Nah, whole cream would make it fantastic! Baked salmon? How about frying it in butter with some fresh lemon and dill!
I must have some French in me.
But I digress.
A few months ago I found out my Mom has cancer. She is not having treatment and is living out her last days as if they are her last. And they are. And since I was blessed with diabetes in my early 30's I do really need to pay more attention to my health and now with cancer in my lineage I decided I better start changing my lifestyle before my lifestyle changing me, for the worse. So I am on a mission, a heathier way of eating and it really is quite easy.

Since I cook a lot, I have friends who want recipes from me to help them lose weight. They are on diets and for the most part they do not seem to be working for them.

To me, diets never work. A diet sounds like it is a short term plan, you go "on" a diet which sounds like on day you will go "off" the diet. No, if you want to lose weight and keep it off you do not go on a diet. If anything, a diet is a mental thing that sets you up for a let down. Right off the bat you tell yourself you are giving up things and restricting yourself. Limiting yourself. And then if you even reach your goal, you feel like you can reward yourself by going off the diet. A few months later, you'll probably have to go back on a diet, and so on and so on....until you end up heavier than when you started your first diet.

Instead of starting out by limiting foods and making a lot of things off limits, it may be better to add foods instead of taking them away. Best way to lose wieight is making exchanges and learning what to add to your diet so that you no longer have the need for the "bad" things.

So, coming up will be posts in regards to taking off some weight or simply eating better and enjoying what you eat so much more.

Until then, start thinking about positive changes.

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